Yoga Teachers

A Mentorship Program To Help Yoga Teachers Grow

Are you wondering how to establish yourself as the yoga teacher you want to be?

Have you completed your yoga teacher training and not sure what to do next?

After teaching for a while, do you want some guidance and
a new perspective on taking your yoga teaching career further?

Do you feel a little lost and do not know how to navigate next?

You could just be worried about these questions for a long time.
But I am glad you are here!

Now that we’ve found each other, let me help you be the Yoga Teacher you want to be. Mentoring & Supporting your growth in an authentic way that is unique to your individual style.

Yoga Teacher's Challenges!

The Yoga Teacher Trainings are meant to be a starting point, a foundation for a lifetime of learning as a student and a teacher. But, most yoga teachers learn very little to nothing about what it takes to be a yoga teacher in the real world. 

That is why I created the “Conscious Yoga Teachers Tribe”, to guide you with all the intricacy to establish yourself as the Yoga Teacher. With authenticity and with your own strong values, individual voice and unique style.

I will support you by meeting you where you currently are, with your unique personal circumstances, your level of knowledge and practice and then guide you with the fundamentals essentials to be a yoga teacher in today’s real world.

What a Yoga Teacher Needs?


On where to start, how to navigate along the path and where to go next. Guidance to figure out a plan for your offerings, whether you are starting out or have years of experience. Build the confidence needed to be effective and connected to your students.

Building Base

Getting students on board and retaining students can be challenging, especially for new yoga teachers. Establishing a presence in the local community or online platforms, which requires consistent effort and skills.

Teaching Skills

Adapting and tailoring classes to different levels, age groups, needs and requirements. Addressing diverse expectations. Maintaining a positive and supportive environment. Expressing concepts clearly and ensuring that students understand your instructions.

Yoga Business

Charting out a vision for self, defining your niche, building your presence, creating a unique brand, financial management and personal development.

Self Promotion & Marketing

Building a personal brand and marketing effectively with integrity, authenticity and clarity matters, whether it is through social media, workshops or collaborations.

Continued Learning

Regular commitment for professional development, upgrading self and learning skills that will enhance knowledge & teaching skills coupled with a growth mindset is important.

Why Choose this Mentionship Program?

I always wished I had a mentor when I started out to teach yoga and to carve my own niche as a solopreneur. Someone to discuss, get insights from, ask questions, give me guidance and give me feedback. Someone who has gone down the same road I am stepping on. Someone who can advise on what they’ve done, what works better and share improvements that can accelerate my growth. 

And that is why, I created the Conscious Yoga Teachers Tribe, so you can have a supporting and nurturing environment that will help you to be the authentic Yoga Teacher with your own Strong Values, Voice and Style.

How Will I Guide You?

I will help you become a confident Yoga Teacher. Your confidence helps to create a safe and nurturing space for the students who come to you. Your confidence will allow you to share & teach with integrity which will enable your students to build trust with you for their well-being. Your confidence will help you evolve as a yoga teacher with the changing times and student’s needs.

You have learned what to teach in your Yoga Teacher Training. How much do you know about how to teach, which is a big skill in itself? How much do you know about sharing your offerings and promoting it the right way? I will help you understand and refine your teaching skills. I will help you understand how you can make yoga a viable career for you. This way you can go about your offerings with clarity. You will learn to tap into your strengths and work better in the areas that need your attention.

Be a part of a safe, welcoming, diverse & inclusive yoga community. Uniting to do better & be better conscious yoga teachers. Additional resources, such as recommended reading, relevant articles, videos, or podcasts that complement the mentorship will be provided. You will get access to valuable tips, insights and motivation throughout your interaction with me.

How This Works?

Monthly Live Mentoring Sessions

Monthly live mentoring sessions with Ramya on the first Wednesday of every month from 8PM to10 PM IST. Recordings available for all the sessions. 


Ramya has a structured curriculum & assignments covering various aspects of yoga teaching – Teaching techniques, sequencing, alignment, philosophy, business skills and personal practice enhancement.

& Reflection

To gain insights into your teaching style, strengths, and areas that need further development. Suggestions on your real time offerings, pricing, content creation and skills you have been honing during the mentorship.

Questions & Topics

Bring in the questions you are stuck with as a yoga teacher and get clarity to it from Ramya. Ask any topics related to yoga teaching/yoga business that you want to be explained during your interaction with Ramya.

Practical Teaching Opportunities

Ramya will provide practical teaching opportunities in a real class setting(online) at Yogasta and give constructive feedback. Opportunities for paid work as and when an opening is available at Yogasta. 


Fostering community support with other mentees to share and ask anything related to yoga without judgment while encouraging and rooting for each other to make progress. 

Why Should Ramya Be Your Mentor?

Ramya has an authentic-to-self style of teaching yoga. She teaches from a place of integrity and honesty through which her students connect with her efficiently and hone their health and wellness effectively. Ever since she began teaching yoga and started Yogasta, she has taught and conducted in-person and online live yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga programs and yoga retreats reaching out to more than 10,000 people. She specializes in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation.

Ramya is known for her ability to break down ‘Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation’ practices in a simple and clear manner, so that it can be accessible to all the students who practice with her, no matter at which level of practice they are at. Ramya started Yogasta from scratch which now earns 6 digits in profit consistently every month over the last several months. According to Ramya, identifying and being the teacher she truly wants to be is at the core of making this growth happen.

Along with this what made a big difference to her yoga career is that she honed so many skills that supported and complimented her to be a better teacher in the real world.


Ramya has been inclined to teaching from an early age and progressively built the skills required to not just equip herself with the knowledge required for teaching yoga, but also equipped herself with the effective and efficient teaching skills, communication skills, creativity, clarity, confidence, interpersonal skills, personal branding and skills to connect with people.

The core value of this mentorship program is to discover your true authentic self as a teacher, bringing you clarity on what you really want to offer and how to offer them effectively and efficiently with confidence. So that you do not lose yourself as you navigate through yoga in the modern world.

In this mentorship program, we will strive to keep everything real and light to help you work on your goals; with authenticity, empathy and love.

Choose Your Plan




Rs. 2,000/-
Auto debited every 30 days




Rs. 10,8000/-
1,800/month billed upfront for 6 months




Rs. 19,200/-
1,600/month billed upfront for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Successful Completion of Teacher Training Certification.
  • An open mind with the willingness to learn and grow.

All the session recordings are provided which you will have access to till your mentorship membership is valid with Yogasta. However, we encourage you to attend live sessions. 

Monthly live mentoring sessions with Ramya happen on the first Wednesday of every month from 8PM to10 PM IST. Recordings available for all the sessions.  

You will be part of a supportive community with fellow yoga teachers to share and ask anything related to yoga without judgment while encouraging and rooting for each other to make progress. Resources such as recommended reading, relevant articles, videos, or podcasts that complement the mentorship will be shared on this group. You will be part of this group till your mentorship membership is valid with Yogasta.

Refunds or transfers are not allowed for the payments already made.

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