Daily Rise: Yoga for all – Module 2


The module 2  of the ‘Daily Rise – Yoga flow for all’ program has 11 Yoga Video Classes, each class spanning over 30-40mins. Each class is a combination of Hata-Vinyasa Yoga style. The module 2 is also designed and structured to cater to both beginners and intermediate students. It is complementing with module 1 by focusing on the physiological systems in a systematic and holistic way along with building strength, stamina, flexibility and balance at physical and mental level. Module 1 and module 2 together helps you to build a consistent practice with enough Yoga Video Classes for 5/6 days a week in the month. Even in this module breath is given utmost importance throughout the practice along with focus on alignements to help the practitioner do & learn yoga the right way and with breath awareness which in turn helps to energize, connect with inner self and also relax.



  • MORNING YOGA FLOW: A sequence of movements favourable to start your day, to activate your entire system, move all your joints, muscles and keep the blood circulation going smooth.
  • CLASSICAL YOGA POSTURES: A sequence of movements that include classical Hata Yoga postures working on all the spinal alignments and help in stimulating and balancing function of the organs and glands.
  • YOGA FOR A FULL BODY STRETCH: A sequence of movements to stretch and open the full body, increase blood circulation and strengthens the muscles.
  • YOGA TO RELIEVE LOWER BACK PAIN: A sequence of movements to help relieve lower back pain and strengthen the back muscles.
  • YOGA TO DETOX: A sequence of movements to help improve blood circulation, ensuring fresh supply of oxygen to different parts of the body and cleanses the internal organs and thus helps to detox.
  • YOGA TO RELIEVE ANXIETY AND STRESS: A sequence of movements with breath awareness to help curb anxiety and stress that will calm the nerves and help you release & create space.
  • YOGA TO RELIEVE FATIGUE: A sequence of movements to help increase circulation and reduce muscle stiffness and tightness which will help to combat & overcome fatigue.
  • YOGA TO IMPROVE DIGESTION: A sequence of movements to massage and tone the abdominal organs that will help to improve digestion and the gut health.
  • YOGA TO BOOST IMMUNITY: A sequence of movements that will help to boost the immunity by calming the nerves, bringing down stress & anxiety and improving freshness in mind.
  • YOGA TO ENERGIZE: A sequence of movements that energizes and activates you from inside out as you stretch and strengthen the body and feel revitalised.
  • YOGA TO UNWIND AND RELAX: A sequence of movements that provides calming and relaxing effect of the body, mind and breath and helps to unwind completely.


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