“I have been practicing yoga with Ramya and the journey has been completely enjoyable. Right from the start, she provides with tons of motivation. This encourages me to give my best everyday on the mat. She is a wonderful teacher who meticulously plans every class in such a way that, I always look forward for the set of postures she has for the day. Also, she allows us to explore our practice on our own and brings out the right alignments in postures gradually. I am deeply grateful to have Ramya as my Yoga Teacher, and my source of inspiration!“

– Vidya Muthulakshmi M

“I thoroughly enjoy every class with Ramya, as she is a wonderful teacher and always encourages to do better every day. Ramya gives clear instructions, is gentle and positive in her attitude and helps me push my limits to progress in my practice with each class. I truly appreciate the contribution she has made in my Yoga journey.” – Sathya Kamath

“Ramya’s Yoga sessions brought some order and sanity to my life. Her instructions and demonstration of postures are so crystal clear, that it makes it easy for anyone (beginner or a regular practitioner) to follow along. She has a beautiful way of encouraging and praising you, at the same time pushing you to move a little bit out of your comfort zone each day. Her classes are designed in a way that there is ample variety in the practice. One never feels it’s boring or the same each day. Ramya’s commitment and dedication to the class are truly inspiring. “

– Saraswathy Srikanth

“I have been practicing yoga from a few years now. And to be honest, I was able to correct a lot of my minor mistakes only after I started practicing with Ramya. The instructions she gives are crystal clear and detailed. Her instructions are so clear that one can just follow the audio instructions and practice yoga even without looking at her video demonstration. She has a sweet and soothing voice, that not only has a positive effect but also motivates to practice regularly. She is the one who got me interested to practice mediation regularly. It has always been wonderful to practice under Ramya’s guidance.” – Shubratha Sharma

“Ramya, is an excellent Yoga Teacher. Each of her Yoga session is well-structured, with simple and precise instructions about each asana and its benefits. My practice with her has helped me to stay healthy and mindful during the difficult times I have had to face as well. What I like most about her approach is how she inspires me to practice yoga enjoying every moment, and not stressing about perfection. Thank you for the guidance Ramya.”

– Indhu R

“Yoga nurtures one physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps one in physical fitness, stress-relief and provides relaxation. But to experience the true benefits of Yoga, you need a good teacher who will help you to explore Yoga as a science that deals with body, breath, mind and soul. And Ramya is that teacher for you. I feel truly transformed day by day by practicing Yoga with Ramya. I am so grateful for her teachings which allows me to expand my physical, mental and emotional fitness along with providing me with deep relaxation.” 

– Abhishek Sharma

“Having extensive knowledge about something is great but to be able to share and impart that knowledge methodically is an art. And I cannot say enough great things about Ramya’s Yoga classes and her teaching methodologies.  Not only does Ramya teach the asanas & guides you through them, but she also supports and helps you pick you from whichever level you are at! Her way of teaching with proper breathing techniques will help you understand your practice better. I adore her classes. I have been taking yoga classes before; but coming to Ramya’s classes has made me more passionate about Yoga. “

-Meenakshi Jain

“Ramya is an extremely patient teacher and makes sure to explain each postures, the theory behind them, their importance and how Yoga impacts one’s body as well as the mind.  She has a lovely demeanor, exuberates positivity and is someone who does not feel insecure in sharing her knowledge of Yoga practice. Her own practice seems effortless and she dwells into her poses like a dream.  She is teacher inside the class but outside the class she has the warmth of a long lost friend. I consider myself lucky to know someone like her through yoga.

-Anusha Mehta

“I have been practising yoga for about 3 years, but have been doing classes with Ramya for about 3-4 months now. Her teaching style is so very good. The manner in which she explains things is very clear and precise. Being online classes, this makes it so easy for me to follow her instructions. Another aspect that I really appreciate about her is that she always gives variations for every posture. This helps a lot, as each person is at a different level in their individual practice. She makes sure to give individual attention to each student guiding them based on their level of practice.  Finally, the most important part that I like about her classes is that she pushes you to try postures that you thought you couldn’t do or were afraid to try. I personally have seen more progress in my practise in these few months compared to all my previous years. I am able to do some postures that I never even attempted before. I am really happy to have found Ramya as my teacher!”

-Kim Lushington

“What I really like about practising yoga with Ramya is how well she knows about yoga. Her sessions are different and she focuses on building strength in different parts of the body. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you do things that you didn’t know you could. She however does it very calmly and patiently and gives you modifications for each posture, helping you ease into it. Her ability to articulate so well is unmatched, because of which I was able to practice yoga online at ease. Practicing yoga with Ramya online feels that same like she is standing right next to me and guiding me. I strongly and highly recommend Ramya to anyone who wants to start and grow in their yoga journey and also experience the many benefits of yoga.” -Pia Arora

Learning yoga with Ramya Ramamurthy is a great experience not only for my body, but also for my mind and soul. She is a dedicated teacher with utmost patience who understands each and every student, guides individually and motivates a lot. She designs her sessions to cover all the aspects of yoga for body, breath and mind and also includes guided meditations regularly. I have seen big changes in my lifestyle because of her classes and motivation

-Bhuvana Sundari